About Us

About Us at Aerial for TV are not just another aerial installation company. At Aerial for TV go above and beyond to make sure every aerial that we install provides exceptional signal all the time. If you have your aerial ready to go, but you don’t have the confidence to install it yourself, give us a call or drop us an email. One of Aerial for TVs experts will ensure that your digital aerial is positioned in the perfect position for unhindered TV viewing. Furthermore Aerial for TV will take care of any brackets or supports you may need to secure your aerial and we will hide all cabling to make sure we leave the exterior of your home looking neat and tidy.

Why Choose Us

  • Regulated to deliver data installation to legislative standards.
  • Our expert team have undergone extensive theory, have industry qualifications and have 20 years of on the job experience.
  • Our team is fully licensed and police checked for peace of mind.
  • Aerial for TV provide free no obligation quotes.
  • We give 12 months guarantee on all installations

At Aerial for TV, you won’t find us going for a hard sell or putting pressure on you to buy. Aerial for TV allow our work to do the talking. If you need new data points installed in your home, or you need your current data installation upgraded, give us a call at Aerial for TV. Our friendly expert team is here to help.

What Aerial for TV Do

Aerial for TV provide superior service and support component to our firm as we address the needs of both commercial and residential properties within the local area. This allows us to serve an expansive client-base, including larger companies requiring complex telecommunication overhauls, as well as smaller jobs related to home data repairs and renovation.

Aerial installation services at Aerial for TV requires professional service for maximum performance and dependable signal. Having an digital aerial today is not the same as it was in the 1900’s. Digital signals don’t behave the same as the old analogue signals.

With an older analogue signal, if the signal degraded the picture would gradually lose resolution, getting snowy as the signal got weaker. This is not the case with digital signals. Digital signals are all or nothing. You’ll get a perfectly crisp signal all the way up until your signal degrades to a specific point, then your screen will freeze. This means a poor aerial installation results in your TV not working properly.

Contact Aerial for TV

Aerial for TV provide quality, affordable aerial installation in your area. We not only have the experience; we also know the area. That means we can dependably install and properly orient your freeview aerial for the best possible reception, accounting for proper placement, signal strength, signal quality, and proper line of sight for all broadcasting stations. You’ve no doubt spent a good deal of money on a quality TV, but it will only be as good as the signal it receives. So, contact Aerial for TV to give you the optimal digital TV antenna installation you need.